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Private Tour to Sorrento and Pompei from Rome

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Private Tour to Sorrento and Pompei from Rome
This all day private tour departing from Rome allows you to visit both the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Pompeii and the beautiful seaside city of Sorrento in one trip. Travel by air-conditioned private minivan. With our expert English-speaking guide, you will visit the town of Sorrento overlooking the Bay of Naples and visit the beautiful shops that offer traditional Italian products for sale. Then you will reach Pompeii, the magnificent city buried by the fury of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD.

The excavation at Pompeii is an extraordinary trip back in time to the ancient world. Because the city was buried in the 79 AD eruption, erasing it from the Vesuvian landscape, it was preserved almost intact thanks to the conservation status of the city remained almost intact.

Thanks to its location, Pompeii was a flourishing indigenous settlement between the seventh and sixth centuries. Located between the sea and the river Sarno, Pompeii made use of two important communication routes useful to trade. In the fifth century, the city fell under the control of the Samnites, still exposed to the Greeks and Etruscans. In the third century. BC, in the aftermath of the Punic wars, Pompeii was drawn into the orbit of Rome. It became a permanent part of the Roman Empire in 80 BC, with the founding of the colony at Silla.

From the middle of the 1700s archaeological digs have brought numerous discoveries at Pompeii to light, giving us a more complete picture of daily life in Roman times. Visitors today walk through the ancient streets, strolling past houses and shops and even public monuments such as the amphitheater, the theater, and the forum. Seeing the remains of private houses that retain a luxurious look, with elegant frescoes and marble decorations, offers insights into Roman customs and tastes. Thanks to special casting techniques, gardens have even been reconstructed as they once were.

Commences : Rome, Italy

Duration : 10 hours

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