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Sardinian Bread Baking Experience

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Sardinian Bread Baking Experience
An engaging journey to discover one of the most fascinating areas of Sardinia: Trexenta. Characteristic feature of the area is surely the grain, and it is to this noble cereal this tour is dedicated to, visiting the “Museum of the Grain". Located in the beautiful village of Ortacesus, it was designed to document the tradition of growing cereals in Sardinia. In addition to the guided tour, there will be an engaging and fun experience in the preparation of typical bread and pasta.

Trexenta (Sardinia) is an area surrounded by lush, green countryside where the abundance of water and the good climate have always allowed a rich production of olive oil, wine and cereals. Thanks to the fertility of the landscape, different populations have chosen to live here over centuries.

There are numerous testimonies that are lost in time from pre-Nuragic civilisation. The name is likely be linked to the legend of the "trecenta oppida", three hundred fortified villages that over the centuries have become, to a large extent, disappeared villages. We will visit the remains of the Romanesque church of St. Bartholomew, one of the ancient disappeared villages of the area.

Then, we will visit the "Museum of the Grain", organized in four interior and two exterior parts; in Sardinian dialect 'S’omu de is ainas, s’omu de su stexu de fenu, s’omu de su trobaxu sardu, s’omu de tziu Burranca'; and on the outside: 'sa coxinedda and sa domu e sa moba'.

You won't be faced with just a museum where objects of culture and tradition cereal are exhibited, the Museum of the Grain is an active institution, a place of memory that communicates with the present to transmit values and knowledge.

Commences : Cagliari, Italy

Duration : 4 hours

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