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Archaeological Museum Paolo Orsi in Syracuse

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Archaeological Museum Paolo Orsi in Syracuse
Explore the archaeological museum of Syracuse, the most important of Sicily for its impressive ancient Greek art collection. A professional private guide will lead you through the sectors of the museum explaining the development of Sicilian's history and art from prehistoric times to the heyday of Greek and Roman culture. The 'Paolo Orsi' museum is located in the park of Villa Landolina, not far from the Greek theatre and the Catacombs. Inaugurated in 1988 the 18000 finds of Sicilian's east side found an ideal arrangement in this modern building designed by Franco Minissi.

The walking tour starts at the prehistoric sector of the museum. There, a short introduction will give you an idea about the origins of the island. You will see the first human traces in Sicily which date back to the paleolithic era and the evolution of local cultures through the bronze age ending at the numerous finds of the Pantalica necropolis, an Unesco world heritage site not far from Syracuse. A highlight of the sector A are the skeletons of two dwarf elephants, a species which once lived in Sicily and became extinct long time ago.

Entering in the sector B you will discover the history of Greek colonization in Sicily and you will admire incredible masterpieces found in Syracuse: black and red painted pottery, marble sculptures and impressive decorations coming from ancient temples. You will also be surprised by the aesthetic taste in daily-life objects.

The visit ends at the sector D, dedicated to Hellenic and Roman Syracuse. Here you will admire two of the highlights of the museum: the Landolina Venus, a marble statue representing the goddess of love, and the sarcophagus of Adelfia, a wonderful coffin decorated with scene from the Holy Bible, dating back to the early Christian era.

Commences : Syracuse, Italy

Duration : 2 hours

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