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Montalbano TV Show Locations Tour

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Montalbano TV Show Locations Tour
Take a tour of Sicily to see all the most important locations of the famous TV series, 'Inspector Montalbano.' Visit the police station, Vigata, Marinella's beach, Montalbano's house, Don Balduccio's Palace, main church, restaurant on the beach, amazing countryside and sea spot.

This tour will take you to the most famous places of 'Inspector Montalbano,' starting from the first stop, 'Inspector Montalbano's' house, in front of the sea. The Donnafugata Castle, situated in proximity to Santa Croce Camerina, about 12.5 miles (20km) from Ragusa is a major attraction for tourists. Thanks to its scenery, it was the setting of many films. The name of Donnafugata, which is Arabic in origin, is misleading. It does not refer, as first appearances might suggest, to a woman fleeing some tyrannical husband or father, nor to one of the legends lingering in some popular memory. It is a free interpretation and transcription of Ayn as Jafat (meaning Fountain of Health) which, in Sicilian dialect, became Ronnafuata, and so was corrupted to its modem form of Donnafugata.
Ragusa Ibla is a lovely spot with many Montalbano's locations (the restaurants, church, square). Ragusa offers panoramic views of Ibla from its historical center, which is difficult to find nowadays. Walk around tiny streets until Cathedral Square is within reach. The city symbol is S. Giorgio's door next to the beautiful Iblei garden, where there are 3 churches; then Pola square with the beautiful facade of San Giuseppe and Duomo Square with the splendid baroque facade and the neoclassical dome of S. Giorgio. The town of Modica is another famous Montalbano location. Modica is located between two pits of a river bed which was buried in the past century. This Baroque town isn't only famous for its architecture, but also for being the birth place of a Nobel Laureate in literature Salvatore Quasimodo and for its famous Modica chocolate. Scicli, another beautiful Baroque town, is the setting of Montalbano's Police station and cemetery. The tour ends in the late afternoon, when we will come back to pick-up point.

Commences : Syracuse, Italy

Duration : 9 hours

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