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Visit a Culatello Ham Producer with Traditional Lunch

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Visit a Culatello Ham Producer with Traditional Lunch

Visit an artisan culatello producer in Emilia-Romagna, and learn how the king of the cured meat is produced. You’ll learn about the origins of the Italian ham, the curing that is done by hand, and the aging process that gives the meat its robust flavor. Finish with a lunch of local delicacies, wine, and culatello, of course. Transport from Parma is not included.

Ask an Italian meat lover to name a favorite cold cut and the response is likely to be “culatello.” Make your own way to the village of Colorno where the beloved meat is produced, roughly 20 minutes from Parma, to visit an artisan producer. 

During your 3-hour tour, you’ll learn how the origin of the meat is guaranteed, sourced from a strip of land that runs through several Emilia-Romagna villages. The culatello, which translates as “little backside,” is seasoned, placed in a pig’s bladder, and strung up for nearly 12 months in farms dotted around the Bassa Parmense.

The region is close to the Po River, and many say that its moisture-rich air reacts with the humidity of the old cellars to give the meat its flavour. 

Visit the aging cellars where the meat is hung, and then finish with a traditional lunch of culatello, local snacks, and wine.

Please note: A minimum of two people per booking is required. 

Commences : Parma, Italy

Duration : 3 hours

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