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Barumini and Giara Park

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Barumini and Giara Park
Visiting Barumini and its territory means discover a world rich in history and tradition. From the first moments in which you approach this small village of Marmilla, located in the heart of Sardinia, you can breathe a particular atmosphere, that one of a special place, deputed since the Old Age at seat of power and central part of a rich land full of marvels and fundamental way of communication. A wonderful place that now since 1997 has been enrolled in Unesco World Heritage Lists because of its uniqueness. On the Giara, there is an important variety of animal species. Forests of cork and oak alternate with Mediterranean maquis, garrigues, prairies, and ponds to make this plateau a rich fauna shelter, in which the most famous specimen is the Giara horse. It's also possible to have a lunch, you will taste the specialties of the Sardinian typical products, based on the seasons, thanks to the gastronomic culture of the ancient land of the “Nuraghi”.

Driving about 1 hour from Cagliari in to the country side of Sardinia, we'll reach Barumini and we'll see this wonderful place that from 1997 has been enrolled in Unesco World Heritage Lists because of its uniqueness.
After lunch(not included), we'll drive towards Gesturi, where we can have a walk tour in the Giara Park and meet the Sardinian Wild Horses. 
Also in the park we can visit the older kind of Nuraghe "Proto Nuraghe". The fauna of the Giara includes some of the most common species of mammals that are normally present in the woodlands of Sardinia: wild boars, foxes, martens, wild rabbits, hares, and hedgehogs. Besides these, it is worth mentioning the many species of permanent birds, such as Sardinian partridges, sparrowhawks, and peregrine falcons, and a large number of migratory birds, both terrestrial (thrushes, blackbirds, woodcocks, wood pigeons) and aquatic (herons, ducks, snipes, marsh harriers). Nesting species include hawfinches, mistle thrushes, woodlarks, shrikes, black buntings, Dartford warblers, great spotted woodpeckers, jays, and bee-eaters.

Commences : Cagliari, Italy

Duration : 6 hours

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