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Well Temple and Cabras Museum

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Well Temple and Cabras Museum
The archaeological site of Santa Cristina is located on the basalt plateau of Abbasanta. The area takes its name from the small country church of Santa Cristina, built some time in the 1200s, around which stands a cluster of cumbessias, small houses originally built to shelter pilgrims. The area, in use from the nuraghic period, is divided into two sectors: the first includes the well temple (consisting of an atrium, a stairway leading downwards and an underground tholos-roofed chamber which housed the spring), the “meeting hut” paved with cobbles and complete with a circular bench, and a series of other small square and round-plan buildings, probably lodgings for the priests of the cult and the pilgrims. We'll see see the Giants of Monti Prama on show at the Civic Museum of Cabras, the only stone statues which the ancient Nuraghic world has handed down to us, together with models of nuraghi and betyls found next to them.

The well temple of Santa Cristina (XII century b.C.) is one of the most important exemples of religious and building evidence of the Nuragic period. It consists of a Dromos (vestibule) and a stone staircase which leads to an hypogeic "tholos" room. The temple is surrounded by a perimetral wall (themenos).

We will drive for about an hour from Cagliari to the area of the Sacred Well, where a local guide will lead us to visit the well temple, and also  the Christian Village where the small Medieval rural church of Santa Cristina, built by the Camaldolese Monks, is located. About 50 mt. far from the church, along a path, we will get to the beautiful Nuraghe of Santa Cristina (XVI century b.C.), a simple circular Nuragic stone tower.

After the tour of the Nuragic site of Santa Cristina, in a 20 minute drive we will get to Cabras, home of the stone Giants of Monti Prama, that we will visit at the local archaeological museum.

This excursion will take about 9 hours, including transportation. We will stop for a sandwich or a restaurant (meal not included).

Commences : Cagliari, Italy

Duration : 8 hours

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