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Archeo Nuraghe Tour: 5-Hour Shore Excursion

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Archeo Nuraghe Tour: 5-Hour Shore Excursion
Make the most of your stop in Cagliari and disembark your cruise ship for an exciting 5-hour tour inland excursion. Visiting Barumini and its territory means discover a world rich in history and tradition.

This tour takes you into the Sardinian inland, where you can discover the nature and the town of Barumini. Experience an unforgettable walking tour trough the Nuraghe Village.

On the tour you will learn about the Sardinian History, the Nuragic civilization, the Bronze Age, and other amazing facts. For example, you can discover how the native people survived in this area without losing their bearings.

From the first moments in which you approach this small village of Marmilla, located in the heart of Sardinia, you can breathe a particular atmosphere, that one of a special place, deputed since the Old Age at seat of power and central part of a rich land full of marvels and fundamental way of communication.
The most important of witnesses of this glorious past is undoubtedly Su Nuraxi archaeological zone.

Your local guide will be keen to make the tour as personal as possible. He will assist you with his expertise and recall interesting anecdotes for you before bring you back to your cruise ship.

Commences : Cagliari, Italy

Duration : 5 hours

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