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Cagliari: Wine Experience

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Cagliari: Wine Experience
Charming itinerary for discovering the wine tastes around two wineries. Our experts will take you around ancient equipment, in the spaces where must ferments and in those where the wine develops in the casks.

Wine street: charming itinerary for discovering the wine tastes. The excursion includes the visit in two of the the best wineries of the south Sardinia.

The best wine tasting in the island of Sardinia, let's discover with us! We are going to the middle of the Western Mediterranean. In Sardinia. On that part of the island which looks towards Africa from a broad Gulf, bordered by lagoons and wetlands where the flamingos nest. Right at the centre of the arc formed by the Gulf lies the city of Cagliari.

Behind it spreads the Campidano plain. To the north and east of the city rises a half circle of gently rolling land. Dotted by small towns and villages, olive groves, fields and vineyards. For thousands of years, this land has produced bread, oil and wine for the city. The countryside brims with the heritage of past centuries: the nuraghi, ancient megalithic stone fortresses erected by our Bronze-Age ancestors, and the small Romanesque churches built by the Victorine monks in the Middle Ages. In the villages, the old houses are built of adobe bricks, the same technique used in ancient Carthage.

On our island, grapes have been grown since Nuraghic times, and we have unique native grapes. Some are famous, such as Cannonau, Vermentino, Carignano. Others are less well known: for instance Monica, Bovale, Nasco, GirĂ², Nuragus. These grapes enclose a full palette of varieties, personalities, nuances. They are treasures to be protected, cultivated, made known. Because this is a land of wine-growers, set in the midst of the Mediterranean, in Sardinia.

Commences : Cagliari, Italy

Duration : 5 hours

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