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Kayak and Trekking Tour at Devil's Saddle from Cagliari

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Kayak and Trekking Tour at Devil
The beauty of the Devil's Saddle: crystal clear water, pristine reefs with seagulls and cormorants flying around. Enjoy paddling in the crystal clear water. Hike to the top of the saddle, an extraordinary experience and beautiful place overlooking Cagliari, Poetto beach and the Gulf of Angels.

Your kayaking experience of the beautiful Devil's Saddle begins in Marina Piccola.

Enjoying amazing views and stunning cliffs. Wildlife is everywhere and hopefully you can spot some dolphins. The Sella del Diavolo is a promontory overlooking the Golfo degli Angeli (Gulf of the Angels) south of Cagliari between the Poetto and Calamosca beaches.
The legend narrates that God gave this wonderful strip of land to the angels who made it their home. Lucifer was jealous and decided to chase them off this Heaven on Earth. The Gulf was cursed with a terrible battle between the forces of Good and Evil until Archangel Michael did not appear to put an end to Lucifer. The devil was thrown from his black horse during the fight and angrily grabbed his saddle and tossed it onto the promontory. The crack left by the 'saddle' gave the cape its name – The Devil’s Saddle while the gulf is called the Gulf of Angels.

If you prefer hiking (or if the weather will not permit paddling), we'll start by Cala Mosca area, an easy and relaxing hike (3 hours) on the Devil's Saddle. The area is made up of sedimentary rocks date back to the Miocene Epoch. Several small grottos have formed inside these rocks that have been inhabited by man since the 6000 B.C. During the Punic Era, the tallest area of the cape, which is 443 feet (135 metres) above sea level, was dedicated to the goddess Astarte. A remarkably large cistern dating back to the Punic Era is still visible and not far from there is a Roman cistern. The martyrdom of Saint Elias dates back to this time (under Emperor Diocletian) which tradition narrates took place in this area. The entire promontory is named after the saint. The whole zone was entrusted to Vittorini monks in the 11th century who built a monastery and managed the salinas, fish ponds and the farming in the surrounding areas. To complete the view, we also have two Spanish towers and military facilities from World War II.
The view from above the Sella del Diavolo includes the Poetto beach, the salt ponds area and the entire Golfo degli Angeli with a breathtaking panorama of the sea.

It's possible to combine paddling and hiking in a 6 hours excursion or in a short one (4 hours) for Cruise passengers. On the way back, there will be a quick sightseeing view in Cagliari's old Medieval quarter of Castello.

Commences : Cagliari, Italy

Duration : Flexible

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