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Herculaneum Private Walking Tour

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Herculaneum Private Walking Tour
A wonderful private walking tour of Herculaneum. The city, also called 'sister of Pompeii' was buried by the eruption of Vesuvius Volcano in 79 AD. The walking tour provides a glimpse into the private lives of Romans. Second stories, carbonized wooden objects, intact paintings and mosaics are still preserved.

The 2 hours tour starts from the ticket office of Herculaneum where you will be met by the guide.
Herculaneum is a small town, located at the foot of Mt Vesuvius, just 7 miles north from Pompeii. The town was quite small as the total area within the enclosure was 20 hectares, with a population of about 3000 inhabitants. While Pompeii had been covered in four to five meters of ashes, an avalanche of muds of about 20 meters had buried Herculaneum, for this reason the city is better preserved than Pompeii.

The guide will be able to show the following highlights: the Northern Cardo (road oriented north-south), the House of the Skeleton, Thermopolium (restaurant food), Men's Thermal Bath, Temple of Augustali, Forum (main square), House of the Black Saloon, House of Neptune and Amphitrite, House of Bel Cortile, the Samnite House, the House of the Wooden Partition, the Bakery, the Gym, the Home of the Bucks, the Marina gate, terrace of Marcus Nonius Balbus and the beach where hundreds of skeletons of the victims of the eruption were discovered.

Commences : Ercolano, Italy

Duration : 2 hours

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