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Petroglyph Tour

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Petroglyph Tour
Enjoy amazing Petroglyphs and other beautiful Southern Utah sites from the comfort of our off-road Van. During your tour you will have the opportunity to see multiple Geological and Historical locations while our guide drives you around in our Air Conditioned 4x4 Van. Our van can hold up to 10 people.

During your tour with us you will experience:
-Petroglyphs- you will love the Ancient Petroglyphs at Little Black Mountain left over an 8,000 year period by the Fremont, Anasazi and Paiute Indians.
-Glitter Mountain- you'll get to explore the Gypsum Mine also known as Glitter Mountain, where you can gather some of your own crystals.
-Historical Fort- visit the historical remains of Fort Pearce which served to protect the pioneers during the Utah Black Hawk War.
-Dinosaur Tracks- explore Warner Valley Dinosaur tracks where you can compare the size of your shoe with a Eubrontes track possibly made by a Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur.
-Play in the red sand dunes, different than anything else on earth.

We provide Snacks and Ice Cold water bottles
Things you'll want to Bring-
• Sun Glasses
• Hat
• Jacket (unless it’s the middle of summer)
• You'll definitely want a camera
• We provide water but if you have other non-alcoholic beverages you’d like to bring we typically have cooler space for them.

Commences : St George, Utah

Duration : 5 hours

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