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Discover and Taste Donnafugata Wines

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Discover and Taste Donnafugata Wines
Choose between two different options to discover the world and colors of Donnafugata through guided tours, professional tastings and refined pairings.

By choosing to visit Donnafugata, you will live an exclusive emotional experience, a sensorial journey that will take you inside Donnafugata’s historical cellars built in 1851, in a charming and relaxing atmosphere. Donnafugata will unlock it's doors and a dedicated guide will explain, step by step, the whole process of wine production and explain in detail the magic behind the labels. You will get the chance to visit the underground oak cellar, the bottling plant and see workers in action.

Once the tour is over, you will taste quality and prize winning wines, feeling reassured by a brand and a family that have over 160 years experience in winemaking, led by dedicated and enthusiast guides. Who comes to discover the world and colors of Donnafugata can choose 4 representative labels among 17. The choice of what to taste can occur during booking or minutes before the tasting will start.

You are free to choose whatever wine you want. You will be won over by the beauty of the labels, the reliability of the brand and the passion that marks everything we do. You will experience a sense of belonging to the world and colors of Donnafugata.

Commences : Marsala, Italy

Duration : 60 minutes

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