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Family Friendly Tour: Discover Hercolaneum

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Family Friendly Tour: Discover Hercolaneum
This tour is an opportunity to discover the secrets of one of the most famous archaeological site in the world: Herculaneum.

Through the help of a series of educational sheets and the visit to the MAV (Virtual Archaeological Museum), families will have the chance to discover interactively the story and the main attractions and develop interest in the archaeological heritage and the archaelogical profession. The eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD, whose strength there to witness the famous casts of fugitives, has resulted in exceptional preservation: the participants will be able to retrace the steps of the ancient Romans on the same cobblestones, enter their homes or public spaces, see them rebuilt virtually, to observe a wide range of spectacular frescos and have a clear idea of how they lived and how the cities were organized at the time.

Children: Discover the history of one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world, Understand the role of an archaeologist, Develop interest in the archaeological heritage, Stimulate curiosity and creativity

Adults: Interact with children in a common learning context, Discover the history of the city in all its aspects, Stimulating interest in archaeological heritage

Commences : Ercolano, Italy

Duration : 2 hours 30 minutes

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