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Small Group Tour of Orvieto

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Small Group Tour of Orvieto

Orvieto is one of the most memorable hill towns of Umbria.

Easy to reach by train from Rome or Florence, the city is located on a stunning steep hill made of tufa volcanic rock overlooking the charming “Paglia valley” below.

Your walk in the city centre will take you to see Etruscan remains, the ruins of the city’s medieval fortress and of course the famous Duomo.

Your city tour will start from Piazza Cahen at 10:45am. If you come by car you can park your car below the railway station at par at “piazzale della Pace” and then, from there you can use escalators for getting to the funicular which is the most typical and easy way to go up to your meeting place. If you arrive to Orvieto by train, as soon as you get out of the station, you will find the funicular station just in front of you. So take the funicular and as soon as you get it off, turn to the right.

Your guide will wait for you at the little coffee shop stand just to the side of the funicular .

From there you will start getting immersed in the old Etruscan history of the city by seeing the remains of Belvedere Temple. Just close by there is Saint Patrick’s well (64 mt deep, 246 steps down to the ground), an impressive engineering work dating 16th Century. In that time Orvieto was used by popes - in case of danger in Rome such as an attack - as a place to refuge. In order to ensure water supply to the city a Pope wanted to build a double-helix designed flights of steps around the proper well to be able to reach the deep in the bottom bridge where people and donkeys could get jugs of water. To dig that deep in the ground it was such a work that Italians still say - for referring to a hard task – that it is like “digging Saint Patricks well”.

The well was located in the papal fortress of the city unfortunately destroyed after the unification of Italy when Orvieto stopped to be under papal control. From the fortress you will enjoy a lovely view over the countryside and the new town of Orvieto.

After a nice walk slightly uphill you will reach the Duomo which is one of the most stunning churches of Italy. Famous for its façade mosaics, it preserves a masterpiece of Italian Renaissance painted by Luca Signorelli, the Chapel of San Brizio. Signorelli managed to reflect in his Day of Judgment and Life after Death stories the turbulent political and religious atmosphere of his age. His frescoes were so well known than even Michelangelo studied them before doing his famous work at the Sistine Chapel in Rome.

After the Duomo tour you will have a nice walk to medieval old squares through typical alleys which seem to have kept the mysteries and secrets of Medieval life.

Commences : Orvieto, Italy

Duration : 2 hours

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